Bond: then and now

Does the latest film 'Skyfall' refresh or rehash the James Bond franchise?

Judging from the trailer for his latest adventure ‘Skyfall’, James Bond is up to his old tricks again. Adam Lee Davies takes an in-depth look, and comes up with ten reasons why Bond fans are going to feel right at home…

  • In the ‘Skyfall’ trailer...
    Javier Bardem’s petulant baddie luxuriates under a slick, sculpted bouffant of ice-blonde hair.

    It’s a bit like those scenes in...
    Roger Moore’s belated swansong ‘A View To A Kill’ (1985) in which Christopher Walken’s evil microchip mogul Max Zorin pouts and and preens like a platinum peacock.

    New twist or tired rehash?
    Many feel that Walken was possibly the best Bond villain of them all, so Bardem’s got a seriously big barnet to fill, but after his chilling – and tonsorially adventurous – turn in ‘No Country For Old Men’ (2007) there’s little doubt that he’ll be one of the highlights (geddit?) of the film.

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