Bond: then and now

Does the latest film 'Skyfall' refresh or rehash the James Bond franchise?

Judging from the trailer for his latest adventure ‘Skyfall’, James Bond is up to his old tricks again. Adam Lee Davies takes an in-depth look, and comes up with ten reasons why Bond fans are going to feel right at home…

  • In the ‘Skyfall’ trailer...
    We get a new Q in the form of scruffy tyke Ben Wishaw.

    It’s a bit like that scene in...
    The World Is Not Enough’ in which we are introduced to John Cleese’s fusty, patronising take on Bond’s long-suffering quartermaster.

    New twist or tired rehash?
    007 has been through four (official) Qs down the years, so there’s nothing especially novel about this appointment, but Wishaw’s nervy nerd is a welcome split from the doddering toolshed geniuses of the past and hints at a tech-savvy, state-of-the-art MI6 dealing with a new, uncertain future. Good call.

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