Brüno: Snipped

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Brüno: Snipped
Who’d have thought that a major film studio would be so wholeheartedly dedicated to civil rights? But, yes, the gods have responded to the hordes of teenagers left weeping at the turnstiles of Odeons, Cineworlds and Vues across the land by decreeing that the producers of ‘Brüno’ edit the film into a version fit for 15, 16, and 17 year olds. So, what’s missing? Gone is a scene at the beginning showing the colourful sex life of Brüno and his pygmy boyfriend. Gone is a scene in which Brüno mimics oral sex with a dead friend. And gone is a scene in which Brüno gets close to a couple having sex at a swingers’ party. The new edit is less sexually charged – and less explicit – than the original ‘18’ cut and Brüno’s bedroom antics are left more to the imagination. But worry not, there are plenty of jokes left about abortion, homophobia, Palestine and the like for teens to giggle at.

By: Dave Calhoun


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday July 24 2009
Duration: 79 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Larry Charles
Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen
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Ms. Rogers

Well, what can I say about Bruno? I have never seen Borat before, however I was looking forward to seeing this film, as many of my colleagues and peers told me how funny and unusual it was. I saw the 15 version and I was absolutely HORRIFIED. The crude graphical images have defiantly scarred me for life. At one point in the film, I recall a spinning penis which was NOT to my amusement, more to my disgustment! Not many people were in the cinema; therefore I could not tell whether others were enjoying it. There were many vulgar scenes in this film, including one where there is a fully naked woman (who happened to look like a man) whipping Bruno violently, which encourages aggressive love making! I thought that the actor of Bruno, (Sacha Baron Cohen) was very good at voice change; however this film has made me see him in a new light. I found some of the remarks throughout the film, rather surprising. The world that we live in today is very strict when it comes to the media (well I believe so) and I am shocked how the coarse language was allowed to be accepted in the film. I must say, that the film was cleverly made, but the over sexual storyline was not to my likings. During many of the scenes, I found myself having trouble watching as the sexual impact made me have no choice but to look away. I dread to think what the 18 version could have been like, in fact, I don’t want to think of what it would be like! If you want to see a sexual natured film, Bruno is the one for you, but for me, IT DEFINATLY WASN’T. Thank you.