Carry Me Back

1 out of 5 stars
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South Island brothers Arthur and Jimmy (Tilly and Johnson) persuade their father to travel to the North Island for the first time in his life to attend a rugby international, but the excitement of an All Blacks victory proves to much for the old guy and his sons are left with a body to transport back to home turf. Cue ferry strikes, stolen vans and inclement weather as the dark comedy turns into a Kiwi variant of Weekend at Bernie's.

Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

John Reid
Derek Morton, Keith Aberdein, John Reid
Grant Tilly
Kelly Johnson
Dorothy McKegg
Derek Hardwick
Joanne Mildenhall
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It is widely acknowledge that this film was both a box office and creative flop; and that major reasons for this are the juvenile script writing (Derek Morton), the amateurish and sloppy directing (John Reid) and the inept characterisations of Grant Tilly and Dorothy McKegg). Today, it is widely held that the title "Carry me Back" refers indeed to the injunction to - 'carry the film back to the cutting room floor'