Cathy's Curse (Cauchemars/ Une Si Gentille Petite Fille

Film, Horror

Time Out says

One of the many movies puffing along hopefully in the wake of The Exorcist. The script places a lot of emphasis on 'possession' special effects, which quite laughably fail to deliver. The direction between these 'climactic' scenes is amateurish. All of which wastes a potentially interesting idea: Cathy's possession begins with a rejection of her female identity. (The writer is credited as 'Eddy Greenwood' on some prints.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Eddy Matalon
Alain Sens-Cazenave, Eddy Matalon, Myra Clement
Alan Scarfe
Randi Allen
Beverley Murray
Roy Witham
Mary Morter