Cold Mountain

Film, Drama
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ULYSSES WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE IT In this movie we have myth, Nation and sentiment. Ada and Ruby are an effective female couple, men fade and it's an effort for them to survive. Soldiers, bandits, drunks, deserters: if there weren't women, every man for himself! As couple, Inman's and Ada's story does not work and not only because they lose available time in the war. Ada loses her father but then she can trust Ruby; Inman loses everything and he can trust nobody. Ada writes Inman he must immediately be back, but he should wait for. Inman is in search of protection, but at Cold Mountain there are women that should be protected. To do it , one should be ready: in the mess of a war, one should find new resources. In the end , there is a new widening family. Ada with her daughter; Ruby with her father, her husband and their daughter. There are two men back in the land of the living. It's saddening to see Inman ends like that because people have identified themselves with him. As in the Odyssey, people know after return the difficulty lies.