Cop & ∏

Eight-year-old Devon (Golden) dreams of being a cop: he watches the TV shows, knows the procedures and has learned the lingo - all he needs is a badge and some cuffs. So when he conveniently witnesses a crime in progress, Devon negotiates a little quid pro quo. He'll spill the beans on the bad guys if the good guys will let him play cop for a day. Cynical, battle-weary plainclothes detective Reynolds, who thinks the only cuffs kids should be given are ones round the ears, gets the assignment. Reynolds' lazy performance combines elements of his tough guy persona and his light comic manner, but is a poor photocopy of his best work. As for the cute, grinning Golden, let's just say Macaulay Culkin can rest easy in his bed.

By: NF

Release details

Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Henry Winkler
Screenwriter: Arne Olsen
Cast: Burt Reynolds
Norman D Golden II
Ruby Dee
Holland Taylor
Ray Sharkey
Frank Sivero