Cousins in Love

Feeble sexploiter set in the French countryside at the start of World War II. A male lead with the build of a nine-year-old (and a dubbed voice like Dustin Hoffman circa The Graduate) beds an almost endless queue of palpitating teenage girls. The oily-lensed soft-focus of 'respectable' erotica merchant Hamilton more often looks like a badly processed Super-8 home movie, with playing and dialogue to match, and all the sexuality of a stale meringue.

By: GD

Release details

Duration: 91 mins

Cast and crew

Director: David Hamilton
Screenwriter: Pascal Lainé
Cast: Thierry Tevini
Jean Rougerie
Catherine Rouvel
Anja Shute
Valerie Dumas
Laure Dechasnel
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