December film highlights 2012

The top five films you need to see this month

Peter Jackson is back for more Tolkein, Martin McDonagh is back with Colin Farrell and Ang Lee puts 3D through its paces.

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    Pitch Perfect

    In a sentence:
    An all-girl group of acappella singers goes into battle at the national championships.

    Why we’re excited:
    Okay, on paper this comedy-musical looks like a tired ‘Glee’ rehash, but it’s been a sleeper hit in the States. Why? Take a look at the talent involved. The script is by ‘30 Rock’ writer Kay Cannon. Anna Kendrick (terrific in ‘Up in the Air’) stars as Beca, who’s trying to spice up the group’s repertoire of Mariah Carey covers. And it looks like Rebel Wilson (Kristen Wiig’s weirdo flatmate in ‘Bridesmaids’) is up to her scene-stealing tricks again.

    Who’ll love it?
    Anyone who’s enjoying the new of generation of Hollywood lady comedy writers (cross ref: Diablo Cody, Lena Dunham, Greta Gerwig, Kristen Wiig, Elizabeth Meriwether, Tina Fey).

    When’s it out?
    December 21

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