December film highlights 2012

The top five films you need to see this month

Peter Jackson is back for more Tolkein, Martin McDonagh is back with Colin Farrell and Ang Lee puts 3D through its paces.

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    Safety Not Guaranteed

    In a sentence:
    This Sundance hit follows a young journalist intern (Aubrey Plaza) as she heads off with her boss to investigate a classified ad seeking a companion for a time-travel experiment.

    Why we’re excited:
    Time-travel adventures are ten a penny, but reviews in the US have positively glowed. Here’s veteran critic Roger Ebert’s verdict: ‘It’s a more ambitious and touching movie than seems possible.’ The presence of mumblecore darling Mark Duplass as the mysterious scientist at the heart of everything is another tick in the plus column.

    Who’ll love it?
    Hipsters, indie fans and nerds, and who knows, maybe even a wider audience tempted in by those reviews.

    When’s it out?
    December 26

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