Drive Angry

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Drive Angry
Hollywood’s attempt to recapture the sleazy spirit of 1970s exploitation movies has resulted in all manner of abominations, from Quentin Tarantino’s dire ‘Death Proof’ to last month’s redundant remake of ‘The Mechanic’.

So it’s great to see a film which gets it right: Patrick Lussier’s second 3D movie following 2009’s well-received ‘My Bloody Valentine’ may be a bit too slickly self-aware for its own good, but it’s also rivetingly paced, outrageously funny and makes retina-scorching use of the new 3D technology.

Nicolas Cage is on teeth-baring, eye-rolling form as John Milton (nice), the deceased felon who busts out of hell to track down the Southern death cult who kidnapped his baby granddaughter. Hooking up with mouthy muscle-car-driving white-trash waitress Piper (Amber Heard), Milton sets off in pursuit, all the while attempting to avoid the attentions of Satan’s right-hand man, The Accountant (a majestically arch William Fichtner).

Taking inspiration from rough-hewn high-octane ’70s trash like ‘Race with the Devil’ (satanism, motor homes), ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (rednecks, limb-lopping) and ‘Mad Max’ (fast cars, psycho villains, vengeful anti-heroes), ‘Drive Angry’ is a mish-mash of familiar elements, but it’s all lashed together with such relentless drive, blunt invention and pitch-black wit that it’s hard not to get dragged along by it. Lussier’s slam-bang directorial style is exhaustingly excessive, but his action set pieces, including a thunderous motel gunfight in which Cage offs five thugs while having sex with a waitress, are immersive and breathtaking. The result might be the most fun Friday night of 2011.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Rated: 18
Release date: Friday February 25 2011
Duration: 104 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Patrick Lussier
Cast: Nicolas Cage
Amber Heard
David Morse

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2.6 / 5

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Dave F

I would not recommend this film to anyone. Gratuitous violence with a bizarre non-sensical plot. It's obviously 'american' with the usual comic book interpretations of anything to do with religions - sharp suited characters from hell or heaven - take your pick. But most of all, the 'americana' is to do with guns and cars and all the blood that can be thrown in. The movie caters for the 'game' nerds with movie backgrounds based on game graphics. It is interesting to see how the director has a perception of some sort of feral american underclass - trailer trash and a cult taken from a zombie-motorcycle gang fantasy. Game nerds will love this nonsense and they're welcome to it. Some reasonable acting talent gone to waste.


Not quite the trashy Grindhouse throwback (apology for Death Proof) we would have welcomed but there are moments of spirited fun. Nicolas Cage isn't quite as terrible as he normally is but this is still sub-standard Cage. There are no memorable car chases, but a good gun fight (whilst he is f**kicng some Black Eyed Peas girl lookeylike) and one cool pursuant (William Ficthner as the devil's accountant). the main baddy played by Billy Burke (from Twilight series) is tiresome and whilst the showdown is reasonably good, the 3d is a letdown and the special effects even worse (were the purposely bad?)... Should've had more fun watching this....


This film is intentionally cheesey- great I can deal with cheese but after half an hour of over the top swearing, violence the cheese just gets stinky. Was waiting for the film or the character to roll over and die but just as soon as it did it got back up again and persisted in the worst blue vein cheese way. This film did have a cool stylistic concept but yikes, it felt never ending. Lots of naked ladies were supposed to make up for it I guess... as far as I'm concerned there was a severe shortage of naked men. And would it have killed them to turn down the volume a little more often?


A non-stop, leave ur brain at home, insane action film. Like most of N Cage's films eh? Turned off after about 30 minutes & just stared blankly till the end, wondering about other things. Maybe I've seen too many films lately, but it's put me off going to the movies for a while as it's nothing you haven't seen a thousand times before, and really, when was the last time Nicolas Cage made a good film?!?


Was this a great film? No. Did I have a great time watching it? Yes. This film is utterly stupid and awesome at the same time. In the wake of all these PG-13 (12A) action films it's good to see that some directors don't mind making an 'R-rated' (18) action film with blood, guts and nudity - just like the old days. Aside from the hell sub plot, this film really feels like something from the 80s. If you like 80s action films, you'll like Drive Angry.


A Man's film to be sure! GREAT 3D to boot. Fun Fun and MORE Fun! Buckle up, buttercup! 7+/10


Now I see why Nick Cage is so widely criticised for his choice of bad roles in bad films. This film opens with Cage unconvincingly chasing 3 guys as they badly swerve round corners and bicker (equally badly). And it’s all down hill from there. The 3D’s far from great. This is another film that puts you in touch with very definition of a one star movie. If you liked this film, you’re sure to like “Sanctum�.


Didn't hav a clue what to expect but great night .lots of lol moments, don't take this one too seriously - but expect lots of hard action. Cool . X


Must admit,after reading the review was expecting better,but still good fun.For an action comedy it could have had a bit more comedy.In my opinion Fichtner stole the show as grim reaper character.


This movie was pretty damn good I enjoyed the 3D gore and it was laugh out loud fun raunch. Nick Cage's sex scene is an instant classic, and the accountant steels every scene he's in. The sexy 69 Dodge Charger kicked old school a$$!

Mark E

Great fun... Not for the squeamish, but Cage is in the best "comic book" form, and the special effects are brilliant. Definitely a good night out - I laughed, squirmed, and thoroughly enjoyed myself!