Experiment Perilous

A comparatively minor but characteristically elegant Tourneur costume melodrama-cum-psychological thriller in the vein of Rebec and Gaslight, this features Lamarr as the wife of a wealthy philanthropist; inevitably, she comes to fear not only for her own sanity, but also for that of her genuinely dangerous husband, a manic authoritarian patriarch whose violence is the product of a troubled, traumatic childhood. Equally inevitably, doctor/ detective Brent is there to save her and supply romantic interest, but Tourneur manages to overcome the formulaic plotting and cod-Freudian characterisations through carefully controlled performances and Tony Gaudio's fine camerawork.

By: GA

Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Jacques Tourneur
Warren Duff
Hedy Lamarr
George Brent
Paul Lukas
Albert Dekker
Margaret Wycherly
Julia Dean
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