Flight of the Intruder

Film, Drama
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'My politics are strange,' John Milius has said, 'I'm so far to the right, I'm almost an anarchist'. Almost? Judging by this gung-ho tale of a pair of frustrated Navy fliers - vengeful, disillusioned pilot Brad Johnson, and jaded, cynical bombardier Willem Dafoe - flying an unauthorised two-man mission to knock out a Vietcong missile dump in Hanoi, he's gone beyond good and evil. Sadly, his direction is as muddled as his ideology, stodgy exchanges of dialogue punctuating the disappointingly dull action sequences, which are long on military hardware but short on adrenalin. Even a diehard Milius fan would be hard-pressed to find anything of merit in this leaden, macho nonsense.

By: NF

Release details

Duration: 113 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Milius
Screenwriter: Robert Dillon, David Shaber
Cast: Danny Glover
Willem Dafoe
Brad Johnson
Rosanna Arquette
Tom Sizemore
J Kenneth Campbell
Dann Florek
Madison Mason
Ving Rhames
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