Fun Down There

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Stigliano takes the grainy docu-drama angle in following the fortunes of Buddy (Waite) a young gay man from upstate New York who leaves home for the Big Apple. He soon finds himself involved with a group of typical urban bohemians, with whose help he loses his virginity, makes friends, and gets a job. It's all shot with dispassionate detatchment, by means of fixed camera angles that record party small talk and sexual acts without comment or sensationalism. Occasionally the home movie mood is annoying: one feels the cast are allowed to do their party pieces a little too much (they're just not interesting enough to hold attention). But in general it's an engaging piece, with a central performance by Waite that radiates a convincing innocence and an electric sexuality.

By: RS

Release details

Duration: 85 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Roger Stigliano
Screenwriter: Roger Stigliano, Michael Waite
Cast: Michael Waite
Nickolas B Nagourney
Martin Goldin
Jeanne Smith
Gretschen Somerville
Roger Stigliano
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