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Friday September 1 2017
76 mins

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Marvel truly is scrapping the barrel to try and find new ways to captivate their audience across all media... Let's go straight to the point shall we and call Inhumans what it is - a failure.

The plot isn't interesting in the slightest. When the king rules over an unjust society with a strict cast system, you end up routing for the villain. Which is not what the scriptwriters wanted. That's when the trouble begins! Without spoiling too much (if you still want to give it a watch), the story is about privileged rich kids fighting between each other to choose who's going to be the head of a truly unfair society. Yawn, am I right? Not relatable in the slightest and frankly unengaging.

"But there's going to be amazing fight scenes" I hear you say. Nope. Nothing thrilling. At. All. Second yawn. It all looks cheap and low budget and for once the CGI doesn't work. No wonder they cut Medusa's hair in the first episode and the monstrous dog is always somehow asleep.

The characters are so stereotypical it's a joke. No real arc, no real motivation... Even Iwan Rheon (who rules in playing twisted machiavellian characters) doesn't manage to save the show.

It's so bad the moment Black Bolt kills his parents isn't full of pathos, instead it becomes hilarious... What a fail!