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Strick's rather belated foray into the world of the road movie and through the dregs of the American dream. Two truck drivers (Drivas, Bostwick), leading a life sufficiently precarious to keep them on the fringes of petty crime, pick up Janice (Baff), a prostitute who alternately helps them and helps to destroy them. Strick looks to expose the myth of the road movie through his characters, whose main form of communication lies in outbursts of destructive violence. But with his over-riding concern to make the film look good - the vergeside shots at hubcap height, the rain swirling up from the wheels of overtaking lorries - he ends up merely glamorising the myth that he's purporting to strip bare.

By: CPe

Release details

Duration: 84 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joseph Strick
Screenwriter: Judith Rascoe
Cast: Robert Drivas
Regina Baff
Barry Bostwick
David Bauer
Beatrice Colen
Laura Esterman
Barton Heyman
Joe Pantoliano
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