Jingle All the Way

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Arnie's the dad running round town trying to buy his son an action man toy for Christmas, but they're all sold out. And that's about it. This valiantly hypocritical, uninflected movie keeps its most cynical role for the 'good father' Ted (Hartman), a character pilloried for having the prescience to buy his son's 'Turbo Man' early.

By: WH

Release details

Duration: 89 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Brian Levant
Screenwriter: Randy Kornfield
Cast: Rita Wilson
Phil Hartman
Martin Mull
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Robert Conrad
Jake Lloyd
James Belushi

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3 / 5

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Hmmmm. I heard myself say when it was proposed I watched this.... 

I dutifully took my seat thinking there was no way I was going to last through this film without reading the Daily Mail on my phone however how wrong I was! 

Yes its a cheesy Chirstmas film but somehow they kept me and a 42 year old man (with no children) quite entertained. There was a lot of laugh out loud moments and squeals of 'how ridiculous but funny'

We left the film with a cheery smile on our faces and me asking the 42 year old if he would ever be like Arnie's character if we were lucky enough to have children. He looked offended then gulped and said Arnie had taught him a good lesson. 


If you want to watch a cheesy Christmas movie then what are you doing reading reviews? This has 90s fashion, Arnie, Santas, the cheesiest ending possible and all that Christmassy vibe. Just go watch it!

If you want a well made movie to watch then this probably isn't the one for you. We all know Arnie can't act to save his life. The film has a promising start criticising the absent-father role and American's obsession with the commercialisation of Christmas as we follow Arnie's misadventures to buy his son the sold out Turbo Man on Christmas eve to make up for all his broken promises to his son. What should have happened is he learnt his lesson, becomes a great father and helping his son to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas but despite the super-cheesy ending that's not really what happens.

The real unsung hero of the film in my opinion is the mum. She's the one that's always there at the kid's important events, puts up with her rubbish husband and rejects the advances of the "eligible bachelor". She can even act!