King David

Film, Drama
The fairly gentle, civilised tone of Beresford's movies marks him as an unlikely choice to render the tall tales of bathos and lyricism and Jehovah-sanctioned savagery that make up the Old Testament account of the exploits of David. On the plus side, the morality hasn't been sanitised for the 20th century, and there are all sorts of rich and strange elements in the visuals. But it seems a fundamental error to approach such a gory fantasia as though it were sober, four-square history.

By: BBa

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Duration: 114 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Bruce Beresford
Screenwriter: Andrew Birkin, James Costigan
Cast: Richard Gere
Edward Woodward
Alice Krige
Denis Quilley
Niall Buggy
Cherie Lunghi
Hurd Hatfield
Jack Klaff
John Castle
Tim Woodward
Gina Bellman
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