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The release of ‘My Week with Marilyn’ on November 25 2011 will again put the spotlight on an actress who was never short of attention during a short but sensational career as an actress in 1950s Hollywood. Here, we flick through the Time Out archives for some classic pictures of Marilyn Monroe on film. By David Jenkins and Anna Smith

9. Niagara (1953)

Though Monroe had chalked up a sizeable cinematic back catalogue by 1953, it wasn’t until 1953’s ‘Niagara’ that she was given her first juicy femme fatale starring role. Directed by B-picture doyen Henry Hathaway, she stars – somewhat uncomfortably – as a back-stabbing sexpot, on a honeymoon with her husband (Joseph Cotten) at the – you guessed it – Niagara Falls. The film concerns her rabid desire to kill her newly anointed spouse, and while there are thrills aplenty to be had from Hathaway’s sturdy direction, the film is not deemed a classic by any means.…

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