Martha – Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence

A love story in which three men take just two days to fall for the same woman. Martha (Potter), a blonde American, flies into London almost empty-handed, ready to start the rest of her life. The lads are childhood friends, now grown somewhat apart. Daniel (Hollander) is an unconvincingly successful but convincingly brazen music executive with a jet setting lifestyle and ego. Frank (Sewell) is an unemployed actor seemingly more motivated to spite Daniel than to find work. Caught in the middle, Laurence (Fiennes) is the shy, sensitive type, who teaches bridge to old ladies, finds his pals frustratingly self-absorbed, and generally looks flushed and uncomfortable as if wondering quite how he got into all this. Nothing special.

By: NB

Release details

Duration: 88 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Nick Hamm
Screenwriter: Peter Morgan
Cast: Monica Potter
Rufus Sewell
Ray Winstone
Tom Hollander
Joseph Fiennes
Deborah Weston
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