Masculin Féminin

Film, Comedy
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Masculin Féminin
Godard offers '15 precise facts' about the children of Marx and Coca-Cola: a series of scattershot observations of young people in Paris in 1965. This is pre-political Godard, which means that it attacks on all cylinders without having any strong line of its own. But its parodies and satires are recklessly inventive, and its fundamental pessimism isn't as flip as it may at first seem.

By: TR

Release details

Rated: 18
Duration: 110 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Screenwriter: Jean-Luc Godard
Cast: Françoise Hardy
Catherine-Isabelle Duport
Eva Britt Strandberg
Jean-Pierre Léaud
Marlène Jobert
Michel Debord
Birger Malmsten
Chantal Goya
Brigitte Bardot
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Pretentious, dull, lecturing film with no plot to speak of. In one scene, a man reads a lengthy Communist political pamphlet to a girl washing dishes. The DVD cover features a picture of Chantal Goya ( at least the DVDs here in North America do ) ; however, she is unfortunately not the main character. The main character is an annoying, insufferable, whining jerk in a cafe.