Pride and Glory

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Pride and Glory
Charged with re-creating the special intimacy of an extended Irish-American cop family in this ambitious, visceral, verismo-oriented and lengthy NYPD drama are such diverse actors as Edward Norton, Jon Voight and Colin Farrell. Joe Carnahan’s screenplay and Gavin O’Connor’s direction give good set-up and lay obvious trails: the impressive opening – a smack-and-groan, heightened-realist inter-emergency services American football game  – offers clues to the drama to come. Farrell’s Jimmy Egan, playing a roaring, gurning, war-painted fullback, is obviously popular among New York’s finest, but possibly something of a loose cannon; Norton’s Ray Tierney, coming late to the game, looking occupied, is the thoughtful outsider. When a drug bust goes horribly wrong – four officers killed, including Jimmy’s partner –  Ray’s dad (Voight), local chief of police, convinces Ray to head the investigation, with potentially revelatory and divisive results. Bloody, violent and increasingly derivative, ‘Pride and Glory’ betrays its initial promise as a small-scale, ‘Godfather’-esque social tapestry with crude plotting, variable acting and an all-too-guessable storyline and conclusion.

By: Wally Hammond


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday November 7 2008
Duration: 130 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Gavin O’Connor
Screenwriter: Joe Carnahan
Cast: Edward Norton
Colin Farrell
Jon Voight
Noah Emmerich
Jennifer Ehle
John Ortiz
Frank Grillo
Shea Whigham
Lake Bell

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2.5 / 5

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The screenwriters of this movie should go back to screenwriting school to learn new ways to say "fuck".

Expecting so much more considering the cast involved.Big let down, very predictable with a very average plot.also a bit stereotypicial too. The end was certainly an anti climax. wouldn't recommend it at all. On a side note if you were taught french in school it's of no benefit maybe polish up on your spanish before you go!

I wont start describing whats and where in this movie but I would say: ITS GOOD MOVIE 4stars YOU WILL NOT REGRET

A RIGHTEOUS SCARFACE MEETS A CROOKED COP ed norton is a naturally versatile actor but you still need a script to elicit a great performance and that is rendered incoherently obscure in this mish mash of family christmas dinners and latino drug dealers who are being illicitly targetd by a crooked NYPD. We have had the excellent Harsh Times about LAPD,Gone baby gone about Boston and Prince of City about NYPD in past,this had the potential with the great coup in casting Ed with jon Voight but apart from a few sequences it never particularly realises the expectations . the overacted and misdirected sequences abound within a very streotyped cops and corruption story ,it almost reminded me of the flawed DEPARTED with the hilarious chinese gangs and the rooftop gunfights ,as the two leads confronted each other in a confoundingly embarassing boxing bout in an irish pub ,the irish take was another misconception as the extended family system shows not a single viable female irish persona ,reducing this to a male ego match with irish battling the hispanics with all sort of egregious name calling too. there are some technical flaws as well where an escaped criminal does not miss his lost cellular and incredibly leaves a trail of witnesses alive ,so mr.connor can weave his tale of suspense . there is a great sequence with norton interviewing a talented latino child actor which was very interesting to watch but unfortunately what lingers in your head is the irritating villainous corrupt cops who keep yelling and screaming while the camera shakes in exudation . mr.farrell is indeed a text-book example of how not to cast an irish actor in an irish american role as he squanders every chance to impress in a role tailor made for him . ED NORTON as the scar faced detective was the only reason i sat through this average drama , better luck next time . usman khawaja

I was so looking forward to this one. I love Norton ever since American History X, like Farrel and rate Voight. The film starts with so much promise and then it just loses the plot completely. It could of been on the level of Michael Mann's hit film HEAT but instead it just simmers and dies out. You're better off staying home and renting The Shield boxset.

Dark, violent, wintry saga of family loyalties and corruption within the NYPD. Has moments of interest but is largely cliched. The closing scenes are hugely unbelievable.

Rob is right. This really isn't too shabby a film at all. I thought the performances were engaging, the look of the film wasn't original but wasn't unappealing, the storyline held my attention and the overall impression was good/very good. The ending perhaps where the 2 main characters squared up to a boxing match made me chuckle with embarrassment and perhaps it was about 25 mins too long, but overall it's worth more than 2 stars. I would have said 4.5 but since there isn't a half star, I'll go with 4!

I actually thought it was decent. A little predictable perhaps, but some good performances, notably Norton's. A good test for me is that, despite its length, I was gripped throughout. I'd say give it a try.