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2 out of 5 stars
2 out of 5 stars
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It feels like Phillip Noyce’s flavourless spy thriller has been precision-built  as a femme-fronted riposte to the suits-and-boots male machismo of the Bond franchise. Taken in that context, you can’t deny that it succeeds because it’s every bit as dour, emotionless and nonsensical as ‘Quantum of Solace’. Angelina Jolie adopts a licence to pout and a small ocean of hair dye as the slippery, indestructible Evelyn Salt. She’s a svelte CIA operative married to a lovey-dovey arachnologist (aren’t they all?) whose loyalty is thrown into question when the Cold War flares up again and she’s implicated in a Russian conspiracy to have the US vapourised.

It’s a pulpy, weakly political yarn that strains to maintain momentum by concealing Salt’s true allegiance, although small, not very subtle details (‘Why the hell didn’t she just shoot me back there?!’) essentially reveal which flag she’s flying. Australian director Noyce has pedigree in this field, specifically his ’90s Jack Ryan movies ‘Patriot Games’ and ‘Clear and Present Danger’, yet the focus here is less on creating a credible set of characters and motives than on manufacturing an excuse to have Jolie leapfrog between high-speed lorries. There is the odd moment of exhilaration, such as a vertiginous shot of Salt clinging to the side of an apartment block having evaded her captors, though mostly Noyce demonstrates little feel for movement, rhythm or flow, often allowing fights, chases and ideas to deflate just at the point you feel they should be hitting a higher gear.


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Friday August 20 2010
97 mins

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Phillip Noyce
Kurt Wimmer, Brian Helgeland
Angelina Jolie
Liev Schreiber

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'you can't deny that it succeeds` says David Jenkins in the Time Out review . . . That's true . . you can't . . This film doesn't pretend to be anything more than an action thriller . . . . Ignore the two star rating . . which was the rating Time Out gave to Avatar . . . . the most technically advanced film ever made . . . OK . . . so SALT isn't ` Third Man` . . . we know that .. but we also know a pretentious review when we see one. On many levels this is a well-made film . . . credit where credit is due . .. . It is disappointingly formulaic , admittedly, but reviewers will only irritate readers by exaggerating the film's shortcomings . . . . . It's a three star film!

Workmanlike thriller, not in the Bourne class but not as brainless as some might have you believe.

Formulaic Hollywood blockbuster, clearly signposted plot-points and the usual cliched stunts. It's all been done before but good to see a female hero doing what the boys used to do. Went with my teenage daughter and we both left underwhelmed. One for the dvd discount bin at the supermarket.

1star rubbish. Jolie should know better. At best, predictable. There was no "twist" at the end.

I actually really enjoyed this film. As far as dumb, summer movies go Salt is certainly one of the better ones this summer (I was a bit disappointed with The A-Team and The Expendables). The action was well directed and exciting and the plot had enough intrigue to keep you entertained. The only problem for me was the ending which seemed a bit of a cop out. Other than that, very enjoyable popcorn fodder.

This is an audacious attempt at a female Bourne, and it fails dismally. Angelina Jolie can usually be relied upon for choosing a fairly good script, but this isn't one of them. As has already been said, there are gapping flaws in the storyline, as well as much of it being plain implausible. It's a fine movie as long as your single brain cell doesn't like being overburdened by what it’s taking in. Let’s hope the “open� ending doesn’t mean another instalment. PS I don’t read the Guardian, but I do like cinema that doesn’t insult its audience.

great action film ....forget the pretentious reviews ( must be guardian readers) go with the flow and enjoy the movie

an exciting and engaging film, not however without it floors. Has occational dull narrative and a tad predictable story plot. But Jolie pulls off her role extremely well. (loved her action choreography!) I also agree that who does the reviews for this site doesn't give the film the credit it deserves, aswell as others.

A lot of very bad wigs - the plot and acting aren't much better. Is it my imagination or towards the end did Salt's swipe card still let her into top security buildings - despite having been on the run for a number of days? Like I say, I've seen more convincing wigs on 90 year old men and Terry Wogan. An "okay" film, as long as you don't think about what you're seeing.

Another CLEARLY better than av. film given a so-so 2 stars. If a film is totally engaging from start to finish, thats a sure way to establish that its superior to the norm. Perhaps its time for a "normal" film goer to review these valid movies, along side your regular guys, who mostly refuse to accept mainstream features. 6/10

Beware film industry marketing departments leaving rave reviews about this film - as they're renowned for doing on site like this. Two stars would be generous for this film. Like others have said - you reach a point when you're not sure whether it's worth leaving. Unfortunately, this film has undertones of a female version of "Bourne". The ending was very definitely left open for "Salt 2" - which I won't be seeing.

Some of the acting in this movie’s dreadful. However, Mrs Pitt does a passable job as Salt. I found the storyline disjointed and often implausible. I wouldn’t ever see this for a second time, and there’s no way it’s being bought to go on the DVD shelf – even if it ends up in the £1 bargain bin. An okay movie – very 1 to 2 star-ish. Mrs B’s bright enough to know this one won’t get her Oscar nominated in February. Not having read Archgate's review before I went to see it, I can say I feel the same - I nearly walked out after an hour or so - the thought of the ironing put me off doing so.