Sleep, My Love

Film, Thrillers
Though dismissed by Sirk himself, and far from equal to his superb work of the mid to late '50s, this is a fine thriller in the Gaslight mould, with Colbert's demise being planned by her apparently loving husband Ameche. From the opening moments aboard a train rushing through the night, the tension is kept up by taut pacing and Joseph Valentine's expressionist photography, giving rise to a suitably nightmarish evocation of insanity and shifting appearances; while the acting is strong throughout, nowhere more so than a sinister Coulouris as a bogus psychiatrist.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Douglas Sirk
Screenwriter: St Clair McKelway, Decla Dunning
Cast: Claudette Colbert
Robert Cummings
Don Ameche
Rita Johnson
George Coulouris
Hazel Brooks
Queenie Smith
Keye Luke
Raymond Burr
Ralph Morgan
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