Small Time Obsession

Set within the expatriate Polish community of S London, Szkopiak's first feature was made with determination, if little else. Childhood friends fall out when petty crimes go awry. Michael (King, sullen and brooding) is obsessed with his greyhound Bullitt and his best friend's girl (Caton). The girl's other half Chris (Merrells) is a wideboy with ambitions to move up the criminal food chain. But Michael has other ideas, alienating not only Chris but, it seems, half the capital's gangster fraternity.

By: WI

Release details

Duration: 119 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Piotr Szkopiak
Screenwriter: Piotr Szkopiak
Cast: Alex King
Juliette Caton
Jason Merrells
Oliver Young
Richard Banks
Kirsten Parker
Geoff Lawson
Giles Ward
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