Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

Harlan was Kubrick's longtime producer, and also his brother-in-law, so has access to good footage and starry interviews. But he's also very much the keeper of the flame, and the film pays no more than lip service to properly objective criticism. Genius, it seems, would excuse anything, and genius here is taken as read.


Release details

141 mins

Cast and crew

Jan Harlan
Ken Adam
Woody Allen
John Calley
Arthur C Clarke
Tom Cruise
Keir Dullea
Shelley Duvall
Jan Harlan
James B Harris
Michael Herr
Nicole Kidman
György Ligeti
Paul Mazursky
Malcolm McDowell
Matthew Modine
Jack Nicholson
Alan Parker
Sydney Pollack
Martin Scorsese
Steven Spielberg
Douglas Trumbull
Peter Ustinov