The 100 best romantic movies: actors

Actors including Tom Hiddleston and Joan Collins vote for their favourite romantic movies

How did we choose the 100 best romantic movies of all time? We asked the experts. Actors and actresses know a thing or two about what works in romantic films. These guys are on the frontline, delivering lines – from the cringeworthy to the heartstopping. We talked to 'Thor' actor Tom Hiddleston, 'Downton Abbey' star Joanne Froggatt and Christopher Walken. Here are the actors’ lists of their top ten favourite romantic movies.

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Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken is an iconic actor whose films include 'The Deer Hunter', 'Pulp Fiction' and most recently 'A Late Quartet'.

Christopher Walken's top romantic movies

  1. Marriage Italian Style
  2. A Special Day

'"Marriage Italian Style", with Marcello Mastroianni and Sophie Loren, is an absolutely great, epic movie that very few people have seen. I advise anybody who's interested in romance to see that movie. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Another movie I love is "A Special Day", again with Loren and Mastroianni. You must see it. It’s perfect.’