The 12 genres of Christmas movie

Time Out's Film team prove that there's a Christmas film for everyone


5. 'R-Xmas' (2001)

Genre Crime

Christmas credentials The fortnight run-up to Christmas is a busy time for all, what with all the doilies, Nintendos and Yule logs that require purchasing before stocks start to diminish. But not everyone gets to bask in the noggy goodness of the festive period: just take Abel Ferrara’s underrated (read: not released in cinemas) ‘R Xmas’, about a husband and wife out to make a big pre-Crimbo drug score that goes south before anyone gets to even glance at wrapping paper. No, instead of a stint of carefree capitalism, she has to hit the streets and amass as much cash and drugs as she possibly can in order to pay off a ransom to the gangsters (led by Ice-T, no less) who have kidnapped (and are threatening to whack) her hubby. Happy Christmas!

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