The 12 genres of Christmas movie

Time Out's Film team prove that there's a Christmas film for everyone


2. 'A Christmas Tale' (2008)

Genre Arthouse

Christmas credentials We feel obliged to return to the family nest for Christmas, and this superb movie from French director Arnaud Desplechin shows that behind all the hugging and roll-neck cashmere sweaters lurks deep-set familial abhorrence. The film has a wonderful ensemble cast, with special mention going to Mathieu Amalric as the eccentric black sheep son, and Catherine Deneuve as the glamorous matriarch. And to give the film the feel of a genuine French bourgeois Christmas, Desplechin has his camera racing around the corridors of the large family home like a child who’s eaten too much taffy.

Cockle-o-meter It wavers between 250/1,000 and 750/1,000