The 12 genres of Christmas movie

Time Out's Film team prove that there's a Christmas film for everyone


7. 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' (1964)

Genre Science fiction (in the loosest possible sense)

Christmas credentials Is there anything Santa Claus can’t do? Not only does he shower us with cut-price electronics on an annual basis, but in the late '60s he led the counter-insurgence against a battalion of imperialist Martians who attempted to kidnap him and put him to work on their godforsaken planet. Looking like it was made using the contents of skip found next to a recently out-of-business Mexican knocking shop (if such a place even exists), the Martians themselves resemble nothing more than a cadre of clueless extras with green crayon on their faces and salad bowls on their heads. Of course, beneath the excruciatingly amateur façade was a nasty anti-communist allegory, and even though the Martians learn the error of their kidnapping ways, they also learn that the conservative Wasp way of doing things is probably best for the entire galaxy.

Cockle-o-meter Just one (cruddily made out of paper maché).