The All-Round Reduced Personality – Redupers

Directing her first feature from her own script, Sander - a founder of the German Women's movement - also stars as an unmarried mother and freelance photographer in West Berlin, obsessed with interpreting both The Wall which separates her from the well-rounded socialists back East, and the equally divisive social structures which prevent her from uniting her different abilities in a single coherent life. A brilliant achievement: personal, political, witty, sad and rigorously dialectical.

By: JD

Release details

Duration: 98 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Helke Sander
Screenwriter: Helke Sander
Cast: Helke Sander
Joachim Baumann
Andrea Malkowsky
Ronny Tanner
Gesine Strempel
Gisland Nabakowski
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