The Bedford Incident

4 out of 5 stars
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Harris, Stanley Kubrick's former producer, here came up with his own Dr Strangelove variant, muting the black humour but just as incisively diagnosing nuclear insanity, as Widmark's super-patriot warship captain hunts a Soviet sub in Arctic waters, justifying his brinkmanship to Poitier's junketing journalist (along to do a story) and a sorely tried crew. (From the novel by Mark Rascovich.

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102 mins

Cast and crew

James B Harris
James Poe
Richard Widmark
Sidney Poitier
James MacArthur
Eric Portman
Martin Balsam
Wally Cox
Donald Sutherland
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One of the intense and best performed Movies of it's type. Excellent Direction and Stellar Performances by an Impressive Cast.