The best and worst multiplex food in London

Hot dogs, nachos, drinks and popcorn all go under the Time Out microscope

We tried out the hot dogs and the nachos – and checked the prices of the popcorn and the drinks – at all five main multiplex cinema chains. The quality and the prices refer to venues in the West End in July 2010.


Hot dogs1/5The presentation was dreadful. The bread tasted stale. The taste of the meat was basic, bordering on flavourless.

Nachos3/5The cheese sauce tasted only of salt. The jalapeño peppers had a good kick. The salsa was watery. The nachos themselves were okay and fairly crispy.

DrinksPrice: £2.95-£3.55

PopcornPrice: £4.60-£5.35


Hot dogs2/5The bun was dry and tasted stale. The meat was okay, although oddly browned on the outside. Nothing special.

Nachos3/5We were bemused when the server gave us cold sauce from the fridge. But the nachos themselves were of decent consistency and the sauce and jalapeños above average. Presentation was appalling: we were given the nachos in a plastic bag and a tray far too small to hold the food.

DrinksPrice £2.50-£3.25

PopcornPrice £3.75-£4.50


Hot dogsN/AThe Apollo doesn’t serve hot dogs.

Nachos4/5The jalapeños were spicy. The sauce was good. The portion large, the presentation neat. The nachos had a good, earthy taste.




Hot dogs3/5The bread was decent, more French baguette than bun. The meat acceptable.

Nachos2/5The jalapeños were poor, absolutely no spice to them at all – they tasted like crap gherkin slices. The salsa sauce was bad, tasted only of watery tomato. The nachos themselves were average.




Hot dog2/5Half-decent bun, but it was hard at the end. A smoky flavour to the meat, although it looked weirdly pink and fleshy.

Nachos1/5These were abysmal. The cheese sauce with the nachos provoked disgusted faces all round, with each of our four tasters finding it impossible to detect a taste of cheese at all. The salsa sauce was sweet, with no hint of spice.