The Black Stallion Returns

Film, Family and kids
Fun follow-up to The Black Stallion (which Dalva edited), with the horse stolen by enigmatic Arabs, and a determined Alec Ramsay (now the archetypal '50s teenager) stowing away on a plane bound for Casablanca, landing in the very middle of a sticky web of tribal rivalries and desert traditions. As in the original, the character of Alec distinguishes the film: he's resourceful, single-minded, but it is perhaps his very ordinariness that matters.

By: FD

Release details

Duration: 103 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Robert Dalva
Screenwriter: Richard Kletter, Jerome Kass
Cast: Kelly Reno
Vincent Spano
Allen Garfield
Woody Strode
Ferdy Mayne
Teri Garr
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