The Book That Wrote Itself

Film, Comedy
Mochin's cheap but inventive comedy 'docu-drama' (in fact it'sa drama about a docu-drama) is a fledgling effort that proves surprisingly memorable. A young writer with a blag artist's charm hires a novice female assistant to help turn his book into a movie that ends up at the Venice film festival. Minor, talky, occasionally irksome, but energetic.

By: WH

Release details

Duration: 70 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Liam O'Mochain
Screenwriter: Liam O'Mochain
Cast: Liam O'Mochain
Antoinette Guiney
Marco Van Belle
Kristen Marken
Carol Myers
Angel Bond
Mike Carberry
Kenneth Branagh
George Clooney
Catherine Deneuve
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