The Chase

Jack Hammond (Sheen), an escaped, falsely convicted bank-robber, jump starts his romance with unhappy heiress Natalie (Swanson) by abducting her from a gas station. The daughter of Dalton Voss (Wise), the Donald Trump of California, she's none too pleased - even less so when father offers a paltry ransom and turns her live-on-TV kidnap into a travelling media circus. As the ill-matched couple settle their differences and get better acquainted, the growing convoy of cop cars and outside-broadcast vans nears the Mexican border and freedom...or, perhaps, a dead end. Swanson displays fine dental work and a synthetic 'attitude', mostly whining on about what a drag it is to be rich, so only rock'n'roll hardman Henry Rollins, as a standard-issue cop and blasé star of 'reality TV', makes any lasting impression. Unroadworthy.

By: NF

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94 mins

Cast and crew

Adam Rifkin
Adam Rifkin
Charlie Sheen
Kristy Swanson
Ray Wise
Josh Mostel
Wayne Grace
Rocky Carroll
Henry Rollins
Cary Elwes
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