The Competition

Romance in a major key: competitive classical pianists Dreyfuss and Irving spar the sentimental sex war as an inevitable prelude to a four-handed future. The plot's old hat and not half as interesting as any of Michael Ritchie's 'competition' films (Downhill Racer, Smile, etc), but you have to admire writer/director Oliansky's confidence in playing it again so straight and so strong to the gallery. The ivories are nicely tinkled, and the vets - Remick and Wanamaker - get most of the saving lines.

By: PT

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Duration: 129 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joel Oliansky
Screenwriter: Joel Oliansky
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss
Amy Irving
Lee Remick
Sam Wanamaker
Joseph Cali
Ty Henderson
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