The Darkness

Film, Horror
3 out of 5 stars
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Rated: 15
Release date: Friday May 13 2016
Duration: 92 mins

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3 / 5

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If you ever needed another reminder not to pick up and carry home artefacts (especially polished stones) at a national park, this film will be happy to oblige. 

Having a kid fall into what appears to be a hidden temple in the Grand Canyon seemed farfetched until the BBC reported this week that a man fell through a rabbit hole in Shropshire and landed in a medieval Knights Templar cave (and that would probably make a better film than this one).

Anyway, in this film, Kevin-Six-Degrees-of-Separation-Bacon and his family are gruesomely spooked by those Grand Canyon stones that their autistic son pilfered, complete with evil Native American spirits, with one oddly named 'Jenny,' The well-worn horror film devices of the dog that keeps barking for no apparent reason, weird bird and animal omens, not to mention the attempted murder of a bystander cat, and the always-frightening portal to Hell make appearances here, and so much of the dialogue and plot are so trite that you may laugh more than scream. The family is pretty annoying, so you may enjoy their torment. I could go on about the usual tell-tale signs of demonic infestations of families with pubescent teens, but you get the picture. Two stars for the story with an extra star for special effects.