The Machine That Kills Bad People


Time Out says

Minor but mildly pleasing Rossellini, set in a small town in Southern Italy thrown into a tizzy by the machinations of a mysterious old man. Saint or devil, he endows a camera with the power not merely to kill people, but to ferret out sources of wealth. Cue for a flurry of treachery and greed, all casually swept under the carpet in a final pirouette. The neo-realist techniques don't always mix too comfortably with the fantasy, making it an Ealing comedy with an edifying bent.


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Roberto Rossellini
Sergio Amidei, Roberto Rossellini, Franco Brusati, Liana Ferri, Giancarlo Vigorelli
Gennaro Pisano
Giovanni Amato
Marilyn Buferd
Bill Tubbs
Helen Tubbs
Pietro Carloni