The Man Who Haunted Himself

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Dreary thriller based on the doppelgänger theme which was apparently made from a script that had been kicking around for at least a decade.

Release details

Rated: PG
Duration: 94 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Basil Dearden
Cast: Roger Moore
Hildegarde Neil
Alastair Mackenzie
Laurence Hardy
Charles Lloyd Pack
Gerald Sim
Ruth Trouncer
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This film had me gripping the arm of my chair toward the end. Basically, the film starts with a young, ambitious, sexually repressed prim-and-proper technology company executive driving home from work; but on this trip, another personality emerges and the car crashes. The operation to save his life is successful, but then the fun begins. Is he being haunted by a double who is out to get him, is he having a nervous break-down, or is there something else going on? Watch and find out; this is a good film for Roger Moore fans and for those who like thrillers with a psychological theme.