The Return of Dracula

Film, Horror
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Little known, apparently (since Carlos Clarens and Les Daniels both ignore it in their key books on the horror genre), but a surprisingly 'deep' piece of schlock, ignoring most of the drive-in requirements of the time and building up a flat, grey, joyless picture of vampire Lederer searching for 'love' in Middle America - and thus the regeneration which only the New World can give his dying 'culture'. Mucho cheapo, and probably for devotees only, but they ought to find it quietly remarkable.

By: CW

Release details

Duration: 77 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Paul Landres
Screenwriter: Pat Fielder
Cast: Francis Lederer
Norma Eberhardt
Ray Stricklyn
Jimmie Baird
John Wengraf
Virginia Vincent
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