The Silver Brumby

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Duration: 93 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Tatoulis
Cast: Russell Crowe
Caroline Goodall
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Tara P

As a massive fan of the Silver Brumby as a child, I've carried the love of the story through to adulthood. The wilderness, the beauty and the idea of such untameable horses drew me in, transfixed. I was thrilled when I learned there had been a film made in the early nineties starring Caroline Goodall and Russell Crowe. It's not a bad effort, with Crowe doing well as the interminable man in his never ending quest to catch the horse. Unfortunately, they just focus too much on the humans and the interactions and relationships between the horses are an afterthought. It's obviously fairly challenging to have an equine hero in a live-action film, but not impossible - unfortunately this is but a meagre attempt. If you're keen on a gentle Sunday afternoon film set in the unusual location of the Australian Snowy Mountains, then it's enjoyable enough. For fans of the books, you're better off with the adorable 90s TV series.