The Time Out film debate 2012 highlights

Your thoughts on films and filmgoing in 2012

In October, Time Out sponsored the Debate strand at the London Film Festival. We also took the opportunity to kickstart our own debate, to find out how our readers feel about the state of films and filmgoing in 2012. Here we take a close look at a few of the most interesting results.

Has Hollywood lost its edge?

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Next we asked if Hollywood has lost its way. This has been a buzzy subject among bloggers and on message boards in 2012. More than half – 61 percent – of you would like to see fewer sequels and CGI blockbusters at the flicks. Saying that, a sizeable minority (22 percent), are rather partial to the familiarity of Hollywood’s big bangs.

The stats on this make for interesting reading: in 1981, seven of the top ten films in the US were based on original stories. By 2011, there wasn’t one: eight were sequels, two adaptations.

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