The Time Out film debate 2012 highlights

Your thoughts on films and filmgoing in 2012

In October, Time Out sponsored the Debate strand at the London Film Festival. We also took the opportunity to kickstart our own debate, to find out how our readers feel about the state of films and filmgoing in 2012. Here we take a close look at a few of the most interesting results.

Should there be more censorship of sex, violence and bad language?

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An overwhelming response – 92 percent of you – think we should be able to decide for ourselves what we see. What does this tell us? Mainly that Time Out readers are a progressive lot, for this percentage surely reflects an audience far more liberal than the national average. (We imagine a similar survey by the Daily Mail might uncover different results.)

However, these figures do nod towards an easing of attitudes about extremes in cinema in recent years and a decrease in kneejerk moral outrage. There hasn’t been a ‘Crash’-like controversy (when David Cronenberg’s film was banned by Westminster council in 1996) for a long time.

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