The top five new horror films for autumn 2012

We round up the best horror movies in cinemas right now

It’s Halloween. Which means a glut of spooky movies at the cinema. Take your pick from a clown slasher flick, one of the best horror films of all time back on the big screen (a clue: ‘Here’s Johnny!’) and this generation’s ‘Carrie’.

  • The Shining

    Rating: 5/5

    What is it?
    Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece, back in cinemas as it’s never been seen before in the UK – 24 minutes longer.

    So, it’s the director’s cut?
    Not exactly. This is the American version. Kubrick himself is said to have preferred the shorter version. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing Jack Nicholson going loco on the big screen in a spanking new print.

    Will it scare me out of my seat?
    Put it this way, when we asked 150 film industry experts to vote for the best horror film ever, they put ‘The Shining’ at number two. Martin Scorsese has called it ‘profoundly disturbing’. Reece Shearsmith of League of Gentlemen fame told us: ‘The Overlook Hotel is one of the great haunted houses of cinema (except it’s a hotel).'

    When’s it out?
    Previewing at 120 cinemas on Halloween and on general release from Friday November 2.

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