The Vampire Bat

Film, Horror

Time Out says

As creaky as an old church door, but with some of the same antique charm, this is a B horror picture shot on the village sets of Universal's Frankenstein (1931), and using the interiors from The Old Dark House (1932). Bat-loving village idiot Frye is suspected of a series of vampyric murders, but when obsessive doctor Atwill's soon-to-be-married assistant (Wray) stumbles on the truth, she's menaced by the real culprit. New wine in old bottles, but hardly vintage.


Release details

71 mins

Cast and crew

Frank R Strayer
Edward T Lowe
Lionel Atwill
Melvyn Douglas
Fay Wray
Dwight Frye
Maude Eburne
George E Stone

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