This Island Earth

Film, Science fiction
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Let down by variable acting and less evocative in theme than Forbidden Planet (the plot has aliens shanghai-ing two human scientists - male and female by happy coincidence - to help save their doomed planet), but still done with a grandiose solemnity that makes it worthy of the name of space opera. The settings, in particular, are brilliantly imaginative, with superb use of colour in conjuring the almost surrealistic landscape of Metaluna, a cratered wasteland concealing the labyrinthine underground city soon to be overrun by a hideous race of insect-like mutants with exposed brains and dead eyes, originally bred by the Metalunians for menial work.

By: TM

Release details

Duration: 86 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joseph Newman
Screenwriter: Franklin Coen, Edward G O'Callaghan
Cast: Jeff Morrow
Faith Domergue
Rex Reason
Lance Fuller
Russell Johnson
Douglas Spencer
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The Time Out review fails to record that This Island Earth is definately an all time sci fi classic. I was especially pleased to get it on DVD recently from USA. It is wonderfully atmospheric and stands repeated viewing.