Top ten British films of Autumn 2012

From violence to vibrators, here are the best British titles showing this Autumn

Last autumn gave us a bumper crop of British cinema, with the likes of ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ and ‘My Week with Marilyn’ all opening in cinemas towards the end of 2011. So what’s the tail end of 2012 looking like?

As we enter the season when talk turns to awards and audiences look to brush the frivolity of the summer’s blockbusters out of their hair, we’ve rounded up ten autumn British films that allows us to draw a line from nineteenth-century vibrators (‘Hysteria’) to Ray Winstone (‘The Sweeney’).

  • The literary adaptation

    'Great Expectations' - opens November 30

    Last Christmas’s BBC adaptation will be a tough act to follow, but director Mike Newell clearly hopes his take on Dickens’s most cinematic work will be the last word. The cast is strong: Ralph Fiennes is a perfect Magwitch, Jason Flemyng is inspired casting as Joe and Helena Bonham Carter was born to play proto-goth Miss Havisham.

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  • The offbeat comedy

    'Sightseers' - opens November 30

    Ben Wheatley, director of last year’s Brit-crime masterpiece ‘Kill List’, shifts gear with this leftfield road-trip comedy. Scripted by and starring TV comics Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, ‘Sightseers’ follows a murderous couple as they tour northern England’s least salubrious public attractions.

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