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Apr-Sep 2013 film highlights

April 2013

The Heat

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are odd-couple FBI agents in 'Bridesmaids' director Paul Feig's latest comedy.

A Late Quartet

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken head up the impressive cast of this drama about tensions in a string quartet.

Dark Skies

He failed to impress with ‘Legion’ and ‘Priest'. Can director Scott Stewart do better with this horror tale of a family tormented by alien forces?


A detective suspects a meek villager is a member of a banned violent gang after he saves a man from bandits in this period martial arts thriller

F*ck for Forest

A doc about a Berlin charity that raises money to help the environment by selling homemade erotic films online.

The Evil Dead

Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic gets the remake treatment with a film that promises to be darker and nastier than the original

Iron Man 3

And so it goes on… Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark aka Iron Man, although director Jon Favreau has departed the franchise with ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ director Shane Black picking up the reigns.

Love Is All You Need

Corny but fun, this Danish-produced, Italian-set Europudding flits between English, Danish and Italian and tells of two youngsters who bring together their fractured families for a marriage on the Amalfi coast.


The film follows a veteran soldier who is sent to a distant planet. Once there, he is instructed to destroy the remains of an alien race, but an encounter with an exiled traveller forces him to question his perceptions of the planet and his mission.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Olympus has Fallen

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

The Place Beyond the Pines

The American director Derek Cianfrance’s new film ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ reunites him with his ‘Blue Valentine’ star Ryan Gosling, who plays a stunt motorbike rider who turns to bank robbery to support his newborn son, putting him on a collision course with a cop (Bradley Cooper).


When sentient artificial intelligence Archos is accidentally unleashed on the world, he infects other devices to protect himself, thereby launching a full-on attack on humankind. Meanwhile a human resistance forms intent on fighting back against the machines.

Scary Movie 5

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Spike Island

  • Rated as: 2/5

Manc teenagers Tits and Dodge are desperate to get to the Roses’s era-defining gig on the titular Cheshire indutrial site, but family strife, girl troubles and a lack of funds all conspire to frustrate their plans.


This already infamous feature - the first film directed by a woman in Saudi Arabia - tells the tale of a young girl living in Riyadh.

White Elephant (Elephante Blanco)

The film tells of two friends, both Catholic priests, who are working on behalf of the poor and dispossessed in one of Buenos Aires’s most rundown slums, an area overrun by powerful drug cartels and corrupt police.

May 2013

The Big Wedding

‘The Bucket List’ scribe Justin Zackham writes and directs this comedy about a divorced couple who pretend to be happily married for the wedding of their adopted son (Ben Barnes) and his fiancée (Amanda Seyfried).


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

The Dark Tower

Ron Howard takes on Stephen King’s seven-strong novel series ‘Dark Tower’ about gunslinger Roland Deschain (Javier Bardem), the last living member of a knightly order on a quest to find the Dark Tower.


Saoirse Ronan stars as a reckless teenage vampire who might be about to give her secret away in Neil Jordon's latest drama.


  • Rated as: 3/5

Matthew McConaughey is a convicted killer on the run in ‘Take Shelter’ director Jeff Nichols’s third feature.

A Hijacking

A Danish cargo ship is hijacked on the Indian Ocean by Somali pirates in this thriller from 'Borgen' writer Tobias Lindholm.

Village at the End of the World

A look at life in an extremely remote town in Greenland.

Beware of Mr Baker

  • Rated as: 3/5

An enjoyable, eye-opening doc chronicling the life and times of Cream drummer an lengendary hellraiser Ginger Baker.

Everybody Has a Plan

  • Rated as: 3/5

Viggo Mortensen stars as identical twins in this Spanish-language noir.

The King of Marvin Gardens

Bob Rafelson's 1972 drama starring Jack Nicholson as a con-man on a scam in Atlantic City gets a welcome re-issue.

Something in the Air

  • Rated as: 4/5

Set in the early '70s, a group of Parisian teenagers face up to love and idealism in Olivier Assayas’s coming-of-age tale.

Our Children

A melodrama following the love, marriage and collapse of a young couple.


  • Rated as: 3/5

The Beach Boys’ feelgood jukebox standard, ‘Help Me, Rhonda’ is played twice in ‘Take Shelter’ director Jeff Nichols’s third feature, amplifying the sense of sunkissed nostalgia present throughout this amiable but over-familiar coming-of-age story – it’s not set in the 1960s, but save a stray mobile phone or two, you could be forgiven for thinking it is. Drawing on a rich tradition of classical American storytelling that runs from Mark Twain to ‘Shane’ to ‘Stand By Me,’ Nichols adopts a 14-year-old boy’s perspective for this affecting tale of innocence lost and grace gained over one woozy Arkansas summer. After the terse, teasing ambiguities of ‘Shotgun Stories’ and ‘Take Shelter,’ however, it’s disappointing just how conventional the director’s latest is, its Hollywood sensibility building throughout the narrative to a ludicrous climactic shootout.Like onetime indie darling David Gordon Green (who has since graduated to less reputable mainstream fare) Nichols cut his teeth at the famed North Carolina School of the Arts, and the connection between the two men has never been clearer than in the seductive opening stretches of this film. The spirit of Green’s ‘All the Real Girls’ and, in particular, ‘Undertow’ hangs over scenes establishing the character of Ellis – played by the highly promising Tye Sheridan, whom you may recognise as one of the young brothers in ‘The Tree of Life’. An independent adolescent from a troubled home, he’s given to exploring the less populated stretc


Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde star as a brother and sister on the run after a robbing casino in this wintery thriller


The folks behind the 'Ice Age' series deliver another animated romp, this time with a strong eco-theme, as a teenage girl, voiced by Amanda Seyfried, is exploring the Amazon with her scientist father and finds herself caught up in an age-long battle between tiny forest fairies and their evil arch enemies.

The Fast and the Furious 6

Following a screaming return to form with the best-in-the-series 'Fast Five' in 2011, director Justin Lin and pretty much the entire cast return for this follow-up, picking up the story right after the events in the previous instalment.

The Great Gatsby

Tobey Maguire is playing Nick Carraway, a young man who moves to Long Island in 1922 and finds himself living next door to wealthy Jay Gatsby. Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan, Nick’s cousin who rekindles a relationship with Gatsby despite being married to Tom.

The Hangover Part III

When 'The Hangover Part II' survived critical brickbats to become the smash hit comedy of 2011, another sequel was inevitable.


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Pain & Gain

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Postman Pat

One for the toddlers, a nice bit of old-school animated whimsy. Except that's not this movie. The (as yet unconfirmed) full title is rumoured to be 'Postman Pat: The Movie – You Know You're the One', and concerns Pat's attempts to get on a TV talent show.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Expect more of what we got in the first one: square jaws, sharp dialogue, searing CGI, strong casting and plenty of sneaky references to the original series.

June 2013

After Earth

Set 1000 years after humans leave Earth,  General Cypher Raige (Smith Sr) returns from duty to see his 13-year-old son, Kitai (Smith Jr). However their craft crash lands on the strange planet of Earth. 

Despicable Me 2

Jason Segel and Steve Carell return to voice the follow-up to the successful family animation about an evil inventor who becomes a family man.

The End of the World

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

The Iceman

Between 1948 and 1986, Richard ‘The Iceman’ Kuklinski is rumoured to have murdered up to 250 people for New York’s Five Families and other Mafia clans. All the while, he lived quietly with his wife and three children in suburban New Jersey, to all outside appearances an entirely ordinary family man.


  • Rated as: 5/5

Is there such a thing as a perfect film? One that knows what it wants to achieve and does it, flawlessly, artfully and intelligently? If so, then ‘Jaws’ is as good a candidate as any.

Man of Steel

A reboot of the Superman franchise from director Zack Snyder. Just as in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, the writers have decided to go back to the beginning with an orgin tale: a child is sent to Earth from the dying planet Krypton.

Now You See Me

Derren Brown eat your heart out: the illusionists in this thriller stage bank heists during their performances and reward the audiences with the loot. But can they elude the FBI squad hot on their trail?


Ryan Reynolds plays a dead cop investigating his own murder in this paranormal crime comedy. He’s Nick Walker, a slain officer who joins the Rest in Peace department: basically ghost cops with unfinished business.

World War Z

Another tricky book-to-screen adaptation, as genre-defying director Marc Forster (‘Monster’s Ball’, ‘Finding Neverland’) tackles Max ‘son of Mel’ Brooks’s fine, journalistic account of a zombie uprising.

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

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