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July film highlights

Monday July 1 - Thursday July 4


  • Rated as: 2/5

An ex-model suffers from agoraphobia after a car crash said to have left her with a ‘mangled face’

Now You See Me

  • Rated as: 2/5

A gang of bank-robbing magicians take on the FBI in an all-star thriller

The Internship

  • Rated as: 2/5

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are middle-aged dudes trying to save their careers with an internship

Friday July 5 - Thursday July 11

A Field in England

  • Rated as: 4/5

A horror movie set during the English civil war from ‘Sightseers’ director Ben Wheatley

Bula Quo!

  • Rated as: 1/5

Fifty years after forming their first band the members of Status Quo have made their first film

Chasing Mavericks

A biopic of the surfing legend Jay Moriarty who died tragically young at the age of 21


  • Rated as: 4/5

A young couple defy their parents and marry in Vikramaditya Motwane's Bollywood drama

Out in the Dark

A tale of forbidden love between two men set against the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Paradise: Faith

  • Rated as: 3/5

Part two of Austrian director Ulrich Seidl’s arthouse trilogy of films about women in crisis


  • Rated as: 3/5

Thirtysomething and single, Alice is a movie-loving pharmacist with a Woody Allen obsession

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

  • Rated as: 4/5

The film isn’t just about protest or corruption in Russia, it’s also about how organisations and individuals react to art

The Bling Ring

  • Rated as: 4/5

Emma Watson stars in Sofia Coppola's film based on a real-life teen gang

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

  • Rated as: 5/5

Inspired by the case of a German boy who claimed to have been raised in a cellar

The Wall

  • Rated as: 4/5

A woman becomes trapped by an invisible wall in this psychological drama


  • Rated as: 3/5

A doc that shows how this movement grew out of bossa nova, indigenous folk and rock ’n’ roll

Friday July 12 - Thursday July 18

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

  • Rated as: 3/5

The story of ‘The Flying Sikh’, almost won the 400 metres final at the 1960 Rome Olympics


A Spanish reworking of the 'Snow White' fairytale into a 1920s setting with seven dwarf matadors


  • Rated as: 3/5

Tommy is a young single dad whose wife was murdered by a gang – now they're coming for his daughter

Cleopatra (reissue)

  • Rated as: 3/5

Eliazabeth Taylor and Richard Burton star in the 1963 biopic of the Egyptian queen

Les Invisibles

  • Rated as: 4/5

A look at the lives of older gay and lesbian men, a group rarely represented in the media

Monsters University

  • Rated as: 4/5

This prequel to ‘Monsters, Inc’ finds Mike and Sulley at university

Pacific Rim

  • Rated as: 3/5

Giant robots captained by humans fight off alien attackers in Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi blockbster


  • Rated as: 4/5

A film that follows a group of boys who concoct elaborate, psychologically twisted schemes to rob other children

The Deep

  • Rated as: 3/5

A drama based on the stranger than fiction tale of a man who survived his boat capsizing in icy waters

Trap for Cinderella

  • Rated as: 3/5

A rekindled childhood friendship between Micky and Do degenerates into jealousy and recrimination

The Moo Man

  • Rated as: 3/5

A documentary portrait of farm life, following a dairy farmer devoted to his herd of cows

We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks

  • Rated as: 4/5

A thorough, engrossing film which shows how idealistic Aussie hacker Julian Assange took on the might of the US

Akira (reissue)

  • Rated as: 4/5

A city-raising futuro-fantasy about a floppy-fringed retinue of cyberpunk bikers

Friday July 19 - Thursday July 25

Breathe In

  • Rated as: 4/5

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet

Easy Money

  • Rated as: 4/5

A Stockholm student turns to cocaine dealing to fund his lifestyle in this Scandi crime thriller


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet

Roman Holiday (reissue)

  • Rated as: 4/5

Audrey Hepburn stars as a princess who goes AWOL in Rome on a state visit

Suspension Of Disbelief

  • Rated as: 2/5

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet

The Frozen Ground

  • Rated as: 3/5

A police detective takes it upon himself to put an end to a serial killer’s 13-year rampage

The World's End

  • Rated as: 4/5

Five mates embark on a pub crawl that coincides with the apocalypse in the latest from Edgar Wright


  • Rated as: 4/5

The first film directed by a woman in Saudi Arabia tells the tale of a young girl living in Riyadh

Springsteen & I

  • Rated as: 3/5

A compilation of videos, photos and audio recordings by The Boss's biggest fans

Friday July 26 - Wednesday July 31

Bajatey Raho

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet

Best of Luck

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet


  • Rated as: 3/5

Should killer whales be kept in captivity? This documentary aims to answer that question

Days Of Grace (Dias De Gracia)

  • Rated as: 3/5

This thriller weaves together three kidnappings that occur in Mexico City during successive World Cup seasons

Dial M for Murder (reissue)

  • Rated as: 4/5

A former tennis pro plots to have his wife murdered in Hitchcock's 1954 thriller

Frances Ha

  • Rated as: 4/5

This charming, drifty indie comedy, shot in gorgeous black and white, is a love story between Frances and Sophie

The Kings of Summer

  • Rated as: 4/5

The story of three boys who decide to spend their summer building and living in a house in the forest

The Wolverine

  • Rated as: 2/5

Hugh Jackman is back as the clawed one in Marvel’s sequel to 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

Viramundo: A Musical Journey with Gilberto Gil

  • Rated as: 3/5

A doc profile of Brazilian musician and politician Gilberto Gil

The Heat

  • Rated as: 3/5

A tough FBI agent and an officer so uptight that her minions mutiny get buddied up to take down a drug baron

The Smurfs 2

  • Rated as: 3/5

Hold onto your hats – the little blue creatures are back in town to cause more mischief

The best films now showing


The Big Short

  • Rated as: 4/5

The roots of the 2008 financial crash are engagingly explored in this all-star comedy


The Assassin

  • Rated as: 4/5

The best film of 2015 or a pretty, pretentious snorefest? Few films are as divisive as this arty kung-fu flick



  • Rated as: 4/5

Brie Larson is an Oscar frontrunner for her remarkable performance in this gripping kidnap drama

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